Bio: WHO IS KENDRICK JOHNSON? On January 11, 2013, Kendrick Johnson, 17, of Valdosta, Georgia was found dead and wrapped up in wrestling mats in the gym of Lowndes County High School... Months later, there has not been an official investigation by the local, state, or federal authorities into this mysterious death of Johnson. Kendrick Lamar "K.J." Johnson was born on October 10, 1995 as the youngest son to Kenneth Johnson Sr. and Jacquelyn Johnson in Lowndes County, Georgia. He was a sophomore at Lowndes County High School with a deep passion for sports, and was a member of Lowndes County High School Vikings football, basketball and track teams. His loss has left a great void in many lives and his bright smile, humble spirit, and gifted talents will be truly missed by all . PLEASE SUPPORT THE KENDRICK JOHNSON MOVEMENT LIKE THE KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL PAGE SHARE THIS POST https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kendrick-johnson-memorial/350217198455813

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  1. This is a deeply disturbing case that didn’t pass the ‘sniff test’ from Day 1. It’s unfortunate that it has not received significant, national attention. May I ask how you, the blogger, are related to the family?

  2. No one cares anymore…kid fell into a mat and died, end of story. People just out there looking to always sue other people

  3. Just so happen to remember Kendrick Johnson whatever happened to the investigation was he ever found murdered or was it an accident? What’s going on this day at the school?

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